Frequently asked questions

For surgeons

How can I get your products?

If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us. We will handle your inquiry as soon as possible.

Am I legally eligible to carry out surgeries with your products in my country?

The answer varies depending on which country you are from. It is possible that we already have all the necessary arrangements for your country resolved, in which case you can start using our devices as soon as they are delivered to you. In case we do not have the necessary requirements in your country resolved yet, we will try to resolve everything as fast as possible. Please contact us to find out more information.

How does the process of education work?

Some surgeons can learn everything they need to know remotely with the help of animations and videos. You can also come to us for a short training or we can visit you. We try to have an ambassador who is in charge of educating the surgeons in every country. If you are not sure who that is in your country, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For patients

Does Drillbone carry out surgeries?

Drillbone is not a medical facility. However, you can undergo surgery in a hospital in your area that uses Drillbone devices. Please contact your orthopaedic surgeon for further information on the possibilities. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.

What are the pros and cons of Drillbone instruments?

In terms of benefits, we strive to avoid implants. Thanks to this our patients experience earlier relief from post-operative pain and may commence accelerated rehabilitation.

At this time, compared to the standard methods of surgery for which our devices are designed, we are not aware of any additional risks that patients are taking.