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Root repair

Root tear is the trickiest way how your meniscus can rupture. It literally tears away from its attachment in the rear part of the knee. A meniscus damaged in this way does not stay in its place between the bones and starts sliding away out of the slit.

It is a similar situation as if you have a barrel fastened with hoops and one of those hoops bursts. Keep filling the barrel and it will burst too. The weight of your body exerts a similar effect on a knee with this type of rupture. The knee hurts a lot in the rear part, in the so-called popliteal pit.

Up to one third of patients with this rupture need a joint replacement within five years from the injury. A relatively new and very successful method of solution is root repair, which is basically a way of repairing the meniscus back to its original position via tunnels drilled through the bones. With our tools, it is a reliable and quick procedure. The result is a saved joint.

With our Root repair guide it is a reliable, quick and implant-free procedure. The result will be a saved joint. We are currently at an advanced stage of development of this guide.