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Subpectoral biceps tenodesis

A significant proportion of patients suffering a chronic shoulder problem develop also a secondary inflammation in the biceps tendon. When the shoulder is overloaded or is not functioning due to some other reason, this tendon is exposed to adverse conditions and becomes inflamed.

This tendon might be one of the residues that remained in our body from the times when humans walked on all four. It is actually something like the appendix. There is not much function to it and unless it inflames you don’t even know you have it. But once an inflammation develops, the tendon has to go away otherwise the shoulder would not fully recover.

Subpectoral biceps tenodesis is a successful method of treating damaged biceps tendon. This surgery does not limit postoperative rehabilitation in any way. It works also for performance athletes who need to have their shoulder 100% healed, such as baseball players, swimmers, or javelin throwers.

With our Drillbone Button, the surgeon can carry out this surgery in a very gentle manner. We are currently at an advanced stage of its development.